La Grand(e) Vie

Named in French (with a grammar mistake), ‘The Great Life’ is a site dedicated to sharing great info on the things that make life exciting. Among these are hobbies like backpacking, cycling, gardening, and cooking.

Sunset in Lake Aloha

Why Is this site different?

We know that there are a ton of sites that offer similar content on the internet. We also know how hard it is to find trustworthy reviews and guides that are not crafted to convince you into spending more money on things you don’t need. Every bit of information published here will offer a view into our own experiences and perspective.

This site aims for neutrality and unbiased opinions. We support it with our financial means, earned through our unrelated jobs; and the enthusiasm of our writers. This way we can guarantee that there will be no conflicts of interest with what we post.

Neutral means that we don’t intend to sell or convince you about anything but rather share our experience. It also means that we will not block comments from others that contradict what we post or offer a different perspective.

Unbiased: means the content will not be subject to conflict of interest. We support this site with our love and the love of its followers, not by accepting money from businesses to favor their brands in any way. If we talk about brands (especially with gear), we intend to share direct first-hand experience and nothing else.

Our goal is to provide you with information you can fully trust.

We hope you enjoy the content!

Don’t hate the typo!

The site’s domain name contains a french grammar mistake, ‘vie’ is a feminine noun while ‘grand’ a masculine adjective. For the haters, I’ll tell a short story. When setting up this website, the domain name ‘’ belonged to one of those vulture companies that register common words and phrases as domain names and resell them. The yearly cost for the domain name was over three thousand US dollars. These domain vendors’ target audience is not people like us but the marketing departments of businesses who might see value of building a brand name using these phrases. ‘Value’ that might end up making the company hundreds of thousands in profits. The same people from which we are trying to break away. So we decided to keep the grammar mistake and use it as a reminder of what we stand for.

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